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Content lock is there to protect under age customers from accessing sites they shouldn't.

Content lock is turned on by default and needs to be turned off by the customer if they wish to go on such sites.

We didn't take credit cards for a long time due to the expense ...

On EE there are 3 versions of content lock: Strict, Moderate and Off. 1) As you have to be 18 and over you are able to log into your My EE and can remove the content lock from here.

This is the question I always get: "Why can't I access some websites on my smartphone?

" Well this is because content lock is enabled on your account.

2) You can dial 1818 and follow the automated messages and verify your age with a CREDIT card.

Richard Hari in your Colorado credit card customer service operation is one the best people I've ever dealt with in any type of business.

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