One night stanz dating

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The Carmine’s my cloister: hunt it up, Do, — harry out, if you must show your zeal, Whatever rat, there, haps on his wrong hole, And nip each softling of a wee white mouse, Weke, weke, that’s crept to keep him company! Then, you’ll take Your hand away that’s fiddling on my throat, And please to know me likewise. Why, one, sir, who is lodging with a friend Three streets off — he’s a certain ... I came up with the fun Hard by Saint Laurence, hail fellow, well met, — Flower o’ the rose, If I’ve been merry, what matter who knows?

What, ’tis past midnight, and you go the rounds, And here you catch me at an alley’s end Where sportive ladies leave their doors ajar? Cosimo of the Medici, I’ the house that caps the corner. But you, sir, it concerns you that your knaves Pick up a manner nor discredit you: Zooks, are we pilchards, that they sweep the streets And count fair prize what comes into their net? Down I let myself, Hands and feet, scrambling somehow, and so dropped, And after them.

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One fine frosty day, My stomach being empty as your hat, The wind doubled me up and down I went. Brief, they made a monk of me; I did renounce the world, its pride and greed, Palace, farm, villa, shop and banking-house, Trash, such as these poor devils of Medici Have given their hearts to — all at eight years old.

Old Aunt Lapaccia trussed me with one hand, (Its fellow was a stinger as I knew) And so along the wall, over the bridge, By the straight cut to the convent. Well, sir, I found in time, you may be sure, ’Twas not for nothing — the good bellyful, The warm serge and the rope that goes all round, And day-long blessed idleness beside! They tried me with their books: Lord, they’d have taught me Latin in pure waste!

Of course, there’s the fact that you’re getting it on with a complete stranger. Unfortunately for them, it will forever remain a fantasy for because they don’t know where to look.

Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled upon your best chance of having a one night stand…TONIGHT! Realizing this fantasy of yours is hard if you’re going to do it the old-fashioned way.

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