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The compression scheme is very efficient and achieves a high level of compression, so that 1 x 16GB card stores 50 mins at HQ mode in 1080 compared with just 16 mins using the Panasonic P2 system (or 30 mins using P2 at 720Pn mode).The current camera range feature a native 3 x 1920x1080 ˝” CMOS camcorder (unlike the Panasonic HVX-201 model cameras which have a 1280x720 CCD block).Its 2/3-inch type three Power HAD FX CCD sensors deliver the same outstanding picture quality and low-light performance as the acclaimed PDW-700, however it records onto Solid State Sx S media rather than optical Professional Disc.

Since there’s a hurricane outside, please bear with us in case some of the specs that follow are off. But, in the spirit of a two sentence pitch, here is the difference: Get the F55 if you want to record 4K, 2K or HD internally to Sx S Cards, shoot to 240 fps, have a global shutter, and want an F65 type of sensor design.

How the new system works The media used to record this monster raw stream is XR Media, a 512 GB solid state drive, which will be sold exclusively by Arri (probably to keep things democratic). Nothing to fear: In addition to ARRIRAW, Pro Res or DNx HD can also be captured to the XR Capture Drive for significantly longer recording times as well as Pro Res 4444 recording at 120 fps.

With an Sx S Adapter it is possible to record Pro Res or DNx HD to a single Sx S PRO card, thus protecting the inventory of existing cards.

The XR Capture Drive offers a number of different paths into post, using proven Codex workflows.

Download PDF XDCAM-EX was launched during 2007 as a new HD video production system and formant which records onto high-speed non-volatile memory cards allowing up to 70 minutes of HD video to be captured on a 16GB memory card.

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