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On the self-titled ELLIOTT YAMIN album, Yamin blasts out of the gate with all the sincerity and soul that got him to third place on American Idol.The CD is filled with danceable, charming, and incredibly well-performed songs. As a shy pre-teen, Yamin couldn't find the courage to open his mouth in choir (or so the story goes) and lip-synched his parts.Starting with Jeremy from Big Brother 15 and moving to Jozea from Big Brother 18, the series has had one contestant who is way too off their rocker way too early into the season.When I think about you baby, I can't help it (help it) I lose all my focus and I just can't stand it I get so excited every time I hear your name (your name) and you don't reciprocate and it's a damn shame.I wanted to make something raw and soulful and organic, so I went wherever the music moved me.” Yamin has already earned a prestigious reputation as both a world-class recording artist and a deeply compelling live performer, having built an impressive body of work as well as an intensely loyal international fan base.On , the multi-talented artist raises the musical and personal stakes, tapping into the emotional honesty and sonic intimacy of classic soul to create the most inspired and distinctive music he’s ever made.In fact, his model girlfriend Jaime Paetz told People that she actually prefers the old smile. I liked his old teeth, but if (the veneers) make him happy, then I’m happy,” she said.

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Elliott’s maternal grandfather was Mitchell Michael “Mickey” Goldberg (the son of Abraham “Abe” Golberg and Rebecca “Beckie” Friedman).

" /Parents need to know that Elliott Yamin delivers family-safe, very well-performed, nice-guy R&B that is both lyrically innocuous and musically interesting.

There's something here for everyone in the family except, perhaps, those who avoid American Idol finalists on principle.

'Cause you know as time moves on I won't always be around And I'll be gone, and I won't always be down 'Cause I'm giving it up to you, and you know this much is true As time moves on I'm gonna be gone 'cause I'm movin' on I'm telling you, you really missed out on a good thing for sure.

As a matter of fact, I'm glad I didn't walk through that door.

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